First of all, I've reached 2,000 views on my blog!!! Thank you so so much for checking out my posts and I hope you like what I've been putting out so far. Stay tuned for more lewks coming your way in the next few weeks, especially when the weather gets nicer! I have so many ideas and I cannot wait to turn them into something cool for the blog, I've started this almost 6 months ago and I love everything about sharing my passion for all things style.

Here, I demonstrate how I wear denim on denim, 2 different ways. The title of this post is inspired by Gucci Mane's song called Gucci Two Times, lol. The first, I went with a side turban hijab style in a mustard color, and a buttoned up denim shirt with a denim jacket layered over it. In the second fit, I put together the same denim jacket with a white tshirt, similar wash distressed jeans, and an olive green turban. I dressed it up with a pair of mules and a matching bag. Heels would also work great with this look. This is another shoot using a film camera, which in my opinion, adds a vintage yet personal flair to the overall look. There is so much more dimension and the way shadows are interpreted will be different with each photo, as well as the lighting. Denim is one of my favorite fabrics ever because it is so incredibly versatile and can be effortlessly turned into fashionable street style with just a few accessories and an attitude to match. It is also one of the easiest outfit makers ever because it puts itself together, matching the same shade also looks super crisp. 

With fashion month coming to an end, I am more inspired than ever to keep trying new things and going out of the established norms, as so many designers continue to do. These photos were shot by Suleikha, check out her website,, she has an amazing new February feed.

Fun fact, I wasn't feeling the color of the first hijab so I had my sister photoshop it for my insta to match my feed, so I decided to post the originals here since it goes well with all of the denim.