The year of taking chances. To manifest dreams into reality? Really cliché but it needs to happen one way or another. There's so much I want to accomplish, personally and professionally. It's easy to be shortsighted while in school or work, not seeing the path to the future that's dreamt of. I think it's time to put those plans into action. I would love to continue developing content for my blog, collaborating with artists, and branch out of my comfort zone artistically. There is definitely a gap in modest fashion representation, that is slowly but surely being filled by people like Halima Aden, or bloggers. I am interested in increasing the impact of black women in media, in all platforms.


I'm wearing a sheer embroidered top I got from Zara last year, and this skirt is actually a DIY. I got the fabric at Joann, any pleated metallic fabric will work. I sewed the side seam and attached a black elastic band on the top. Super easy and impactful. I'll make a point to sew more this year. My turban is from a fabric store as well, half a yard and I find the most unique colors, like this gorgeous muted mauve nude. I'm living for simpler fashion looks, as much as I love bold prints and colors, I can't help but gravitate towards muted shades and textures.

This look was inspired by illuminating possibilities that the future can bring. It was shot with film by Suleikha, check out her work and reach her at



Saharla Afqarshe